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Ireland Facts


In 1932, Aldous Huxley's Brave New World was banned in Ireland.
It is estimated that over 40 million people in the US are of Irish descent.

Britain ranks 2nd in the world behind Ireland for tea-drinking.

The stated religion of the majority of people in Ireland is the Roman Catholic faith.

The first to bring the English language to Ireland were the Normans.

In the late 1600s Ireland became the first country in Europe to plant potatoes as a staple food crop.

Ireland's total area is 84,412km squared with a total coastline distance of 3,172km.

John Tyndall, from Ireland, was the scientist first accredited with the explanation for why the sky is blue.

The National Flag is green, white and orange. The green represents the older Gaelic and Anglo-Norman element in the population, the orange the Protestant supporters of William of Orange, while the white represents peace between the two.

The National Day of Ireland is St. Patrick's Day, celebrated on 17th March.

"Erin go bragh" means "Ireland forever."

The name of the state according to the constitution is Ireland in the English language and Eire in the Irish language.

The shamrock, at one time called the "seamroy," symbolizes the cross and blessed trinity.

Up to 30% of the Australian population is estimated to be of Irish descent.

The Irish language evolved from Celtic immigrants around 600 BC.
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