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Mexico Facts


"Plaza de Toros" the world's largest bullfighting ring is in Mexico City.

Mexico is bordered by the U.S. to the North; the Gulf of Mexico to the East, Guatemala and Belize to the Southeast, and the The dog and the turkey were the only two domesticated animals in ancient Mexico.

Pacific Ocean to the West and South.

Mexico's main religious affiliations are Roman Catholic 89%, Protestant 6%

The poinsettia is named after a 19th-century ambassador to Mexico, Poinsett, who brought the poinsettia plant to America.

Primary school in Mexico begins at age 5; secondary school begins at age 11 and lasts until age 17.

The Aztec Indians of Mexico believed turquoise would protect them, and so used them to decorate their battle shields.

Mexico came under Spanish rule for three centuries before achieving independence early in the 19th century.

"The Sound of Music" was re titled "The Rebel Novice Nun" when it was released in Mexico.

In Jalisco, Mexico, the harp was significant in the development of mariachi music.

About one quarter of those living in extreme poverty in Mexico reside in urban areas.

The marigold arrived in Europe from Mexico with the Spanish conquistadors during the sixteenth century

The major languages in Mexico are Spanish and Mayan dialects.

Mexico's main industries are food and beverages, tobacco, chemicals, iron and steel petroleum, mining and tourism.

The main agricultural products in Mexico are rice, beans, coffee, fruit and tomatoes.

Mexico has a population of 110 million.

The Caesar salad is named after Caesar Cardini who prepared the salad in his Caesar's Palace Restaurant in Tijuana, Mexico.

Mexico's national holidays are: New Yearís Day (January 1), Constitution Day (February 5), Birthday of Benito Juarez (March 21), Maundy Thursday (march/April), Good Friday (March/April), Labor Day/May Day (May 1), National Day (September 16), Discovery of America (October 12), All Soulís Day (November 2), Celebration of the Revolution (November 20), Guadalupe Day (December 12), Christmas Day (December 25). © 2002-2006 All Trivia Game, Claremont California, 91711