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Moon Facts


The first fruit eaten on the moon was a peach.

The Sea of Tranquility on the moon is deeper than the highest mountain on Earth.

The Moon has no atmosphere or water.

There are over three trillion craters on the moon.

The Moon keeps one side permanently turned towards Earth.

There are three golf balls sitting on the moon.

There is evidence that many people gain and lose weight in accordance with the cycles of the Moon.

The Moon is comprised of a rocky material that is heavily scarred with craters from meteorite impacts.

After the Krakatoa volcano eruption in 1883 in Indonesia the moon was said to appear blue for almost two years.

Light from the moon takes about a second and a half to reach Earth.

The lunar surface is covered by a fine-grained soil called “regolith” which results from the constant bombardment of the lunar rocks by small meteorites.

The dark spots on the moon are actually basins filled 3 to 8 kilometers deep with basalt.

Venus, Earth's nearest planetary neighbor, at its closest to us, is 105 times farther away than our moon.

The Moon travels around Earth in an oval orbit at 36,800 kilometers per hour.

Scientists theorize that the Moon was the result of a collision between Earth and an object the size of Mars.

The moon is composed of a core, partially molten mantle, and a crust.

The gravitational pull of the Moon on the Earth affects the ocean tides on Earth.

The USSR captured the first photo of the moon taken from space in 1959. The image was of the dark side of the moon.

Saturn has the greatest number of known moons of any planet in the solar system.

Although the sun is 400 times larger than the moon, it appears the same size in the sky because it is 400 times farther away.

The Moon is believed to be 4.6 billion years old, which is the same age as the Earth.

The temperature on the Moon reaches 243 degrees Fahrenheit at midday on the lunar equator. During the night, the temperature falls to -261 degrees Fahrenheit.

The surface of the Moon is covered with craters, basins, and cratered highlands, called terrae.
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